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"Definitely a must have in your bag.  Keeps the moisture off of your hands and equipment when needed.  Have played enough rainy rounds with this product to give it five stars.  Have dropped it numerous times on the wet ground.  Rolled it around in my hands, and it dried itself out."

- Jeff

"Couldn't ask for a better product, keeps you hands nice and dry even when the competition is at its sweatiest. A must for all gamers!"

- Gu01312

"I prefer the Sportsack over Birdie Bags or Dirt Bags because the Sportsack can dry your disc and your hand even in the rain. It also doesn't leave residue on discs or hands."

- Disc Golf Course Review

"Got one this past weekend, and played 4 rounds with it in Texas. Can't say that I can compare it to anything else, since it's my first hand bag of any kind, but I can say that I don't know how I have ever played without one. It kept my hands dry and didn't leave a residue build up. I really dig it."

- Reddit Review

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